Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance Talks About His Desire To Work With Ariana Grande

Pop sensation Greyson Chance doesn’t have any release information for follow-up to his first album Hold On ’till The Night yet but he has recently expressed his desire to work with Victorious’ Ariana Grande. In a recent interview with Popstop News, he talked about music and more. We got the video for you below.

The video clip is pretty short and though he seemed a tad shy in the video, he wasn’t show about which mega-star he likes better(Lady Gaga or Britney). Overall, this video was interesting but I think they should have showed more face time with Greyson.

Chance and Grande have worked together for other projects in the past including a music video and a stage performance. Grande played Chance’s ex-girlfriend in the video for “Unfriend You”. They also shared the stage for a special performance(video below).

It sounds like the talented teens are good friends, so I think that we can expect a song collaboration from these two in the near future. Would you like to see them work together? Is there any other artist or band you’d like Greyson Chance to work with? I personally would love for Greyson to write a song with Lady Gaga.

Find out more about Greyson Chance.


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